the Art of Sherry Morgan

Pet Portraits

Bailey Benny

Sherry can paint your pet on a granite or marble plaque from one really good photograph or several fair photographs. Notice on Benny’s portrait, the artist had to use additional photographs (not shown) to paint the neck in an attractive pose, whereas when doing Bailey’s portrait, Sherry was able to paint from the one good photograph. Each plaque measures approximately 8.5” by 7.5” not including the stand. The name of the pet can also be painted on the plaque as shown. The black wooden easel for display is included. Pet portraits on these granite plaques are $175 each. Please inquire with the artist if you would like a portrait of your pet painted.

Sherry also does pet portraits on canvas on request. The pet portraits shown here are painted on a 14 x 18 canvas. A simple pet portrait, such as the yellow lab below, runs $650 unframed. A portrait with additional features, such as the black lab with duck as shown below, runs more depending on the subject matter.

Young Lab Black Lab with Canvasback

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