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Sherry Morgan

My original oil paintings are inspired by my love of nature and the beautiful world God has given us. We are surrounded by beauty, and to be able to capture some of what we see onto canvas is a dream come true for me. My favorite subjects are landscapes, fox hunts, wildlife in their natural habitat, and animal portraits. Occasionally I take a little artistic liberty, especially when a fox is concerned, such as when the sly fox is outwitting the hunters, or when he is in a playful mood, perhaps with puppies.

I paint with the greatest possible attention to realistic detail as I carefully portray each scene. I try to draw the viewer into the scene so that one feels like he is actually there. I love vibrant colors, and I generally lean towards slightly enhanced colors whenever possible.

I began painting at the age of seven under the guidance of a private teacher, and I studied with her for several years, but I am primarily self taught. I have enjoyed painting for almost fifty six years now, and I am always eager and excited to begin a new subject on canvas. There never seems to be enough time to paint all the scenes and subjects I want to paint! Painting truly is an abiding passion for me.

I have exhibited my work in two exclusive one-man gallery shows, and I participate in art shows every year. In addition, I have painted for several zoos, gift shops, and galleries throughout the country, as well as for private customers and collectors. I have completed several unusual commissions such as designing a custom greeting card and painting wall murals. A most extraordinary assignment was to paint a large wall mural depicting the eruption of Mount Saint Helens.

My family and I live in our home on the edge of the forest in rural central Virginia. Many of the local wildlife population, including black bears and raccoons, visit our deck and raid my bird feeders from time to time. I love to see these visitors despite the havoc they wreck on my bird feeders. Many of these delightful animals end up being great models for my paintings.

Sherry Morgan
February 23rd, 2016
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